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Dixie Remote Learning

“Private schools have taught too many live online lessons during lockdown and are turning some pupils into “Zoom zombies”, an expert has claimed. Professor Lue said that asking children to attend live web lessons all day “was not effective and results in immense Zoom-learning fatigue”. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/online-lessons-create-classes-of-coronavirus-zoombies-jbvzkxgl6 . Just today, schools have been criticised for providingContinue reading “Dixie Remote Learning”

Dixie Fortitude

I first heard this term in conversation with Walter Baynes – the Dixie Grammar School Association archivist and fount of knowledge on all things Dixie. Walter maintains close contact with the school through the annual laying of a wreath on the grave of former Dixie student, Herbert Black. Students are always fascinated by Walter’s knowledgeContinue reading “Dixie Fortitude”


Traditions I first wrote this piece in December 2019, just two months after my father passed away; the combination of Christmas and loss was a potent one for reflection on family traditions.  Now some five months later, in midst of extraordinary times for which there are, thankfully, no traditions,  I am moved to revisit. IContinue reading “Traditions”


As an A Level Ethics teacher I have taught Sixth Formers about the deontology of Immanuel Kant for many years.  I can’t say it’s my favourite part of the course but taught it, I have. Deontology is a theory that puts duty at the heart of ethical concern – to do the right thing isContinue reading “Duty”


Whether through merit or effort badges or recognition in Gold Book assemblies at the Junior School, da Vinci awards, credits or presentation assemblies in the Senior School, or dialogue in the classroom, through encouragement and praise, pupils flourish at the Dixie and learn to become responsible for their own achievements and behaviour.All of us thriveContinue reading “Praise”

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