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Silent Corridors?

The Secretary of State for Education has suggested that silence in school corridors should become the norm, and that a ban on mobile phones is essential for avoiding poor behaviour. The Dixie corridors are not silent, and whilst we have a zero tolerance policy on the recreational use of phones, ultimately we want students atContinue reading “Silent Corridors?”

Early Years at the Dixie

As a first time parent, one of the most important decisions you make is deciding where your children will start their school career.  We all have our own experience of education and school that undoubtedly influences our decisions but deciding for your 3 year old can be both exciting and daunting. I have worked inContinue reading “Early Years at the Dixie”


Working at Dixie for the last sixteen years, I have always hoped and believed that we offer an environment that is tolerant, inclusive and welcoming to all. Certainly, the ‘Dixie family atmosphere’ was one of the things that first attracted me to the school back in 2004, an important factor in my decision to leaveContinue reading “Diversity”

Remote Teaching and Learning Jan 2021

Live teaching is an increasingly prominent feature of remote education for both Junior and Senior School pupils and whilst an incredible opportunity, it brings its own challenges. We are immensely proud of the adaptability and enthusiasm of teachers in learning new skills, and incorporating this learning into their remote lessons to the benefit of studentsContinue reading “Remote Teaching and Learning Jan 2021”

Value Added

Value added is not a measure of pupil achievement, but of progress – it measures the journey taken by the student and the difference made by a school, rather than the destination. That is why very selective schools are silent when it comes to measures of value added – some are so academically selective thatContinue reading “Value Added”

The New Normal

Students at Dixie have not only returned to what has come to be expected in schools at the start of the 2020/21 academic year, but also to what may prove to be a significant step into the future. In line with government guidance, the Dixie has thought carefully about how to keep the whole schoolContinue reading “The New Normal”

A Level Grades 2020

As a maths teacher, former Head of Maths, Director of Studies, Deputy Head and now Headmaster, I have used data every day of my nearly 30 year teaching career.  I enjoy nothing more than manipulating externally provided data (!) and have even been known to generate some of my own (much to my colleagues’ delight).Continue reading “A Level Grades 2020”

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