Early Years at the Dixie

As a first time parent, one of the most important decisions you make is deciding where your children will start their school career.  We all have our own experience of education and school that undoubtedly influences our decisions but deciding for your 3 year old can be both exciting and daunting. I have worked inContinue reading “Early Years at the Dixie”

GCSE and A Level Exams – DfE consultation

The Government and DfE will be receiving many responses to their consultation – if you haven’t done so, do consider giving your own personal feedback. The survey takes about half an hour to complete; the essence of my responses is outlined below. It should be said at the outset that there is no neat solutionContinue reading “GCSE and A Level Exams – DfE consultation”

Remote Teaching and Learning Jan 2021

Live teaching is an increasingly prominent feature of remote education for both Junior and Senior School pupils and whilst an incredible opportunity, it brings its own challenges. We are immensely proud of the adaptability and enthusiasm of teachers in learning new skills, and incorporating this learning into their remote lessons to the benefit of studentsContinue reading “Remote Teaching and Learning Jan 2021”

Dixie Remote Learning

“Private schools have taught too many live online lessons during lockdown and are turning some pupils into “Zoom zombies”, an expert has claimed. Professor Lue said that asking children to attend live web lessons all day “was not effective and results in immense Zoom-learning fatigue”. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/online-lessons-create-classes-of-coronavirus-zoombies-jbvzkxgl6 . Just today, schools have been criticised for providingContinue reading “Dixie Remote Learning”

Mental Health at the Dixie

Update in the face of Coronavirus Currently, Britain and the world is facing new and extensive challenges to people’s mental well-being arising from the reality of COVID 19.  There is no doubt this is a particularly challenging time – many of our usual support mechanisms for our well-being are not open to us the mostContinue reading “Mental Health at the Dixie”

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